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Why am I paying too much?
Companies typically charge you a flat markup rate on the gross payroll they process. This markup rate is comprised mostly of mandatory employer payroll taxes and insurance. Think Social Security, Medicare, Workers' Compensation, state/federal unemployment insurance, etc. What they do not tell you is that after an employee earns a certain amount within a year, they do not have to pay those taxes. Their profit sometimes doubles in these cases.
How does this work?
HQ Simple's Greedless Pricing model reduces the markup rate as specific taxes are no longer required. Essentially not charging you the higher markup rate as the burden decreases. We simply charge you what it costs to employ each employee. 
How do you make a profit to operate?
Each hour that is worked, HQ Simple charges specific dollar amount to fund operations and the team servicing you and the associates.  This model ends up costing far less than a traditional flat markup rate. See for yourself by keying in your program's information into the calculator.
Our Guarantee


We guarantee the savings. If you do not experience significant savings by switching over to HQ Simple's Greedless Pricing, we will pay you the difference.