Three Simple Solutions

HQ Simple offers high touch employer of record solutions, sourcing support, and compliance when engaging 1099s or independent contractors. Our services are currently focused on workforces within the United States.

EoR Solutions for today and tomorrow

Employer of Record

We offer two options for Employer of Record Solutions. Both include all employer responsibilities.

One is All-Inclusive of any potential other employer costs (e.g. background checks, paid sick leave where applicable, benefits contribution if an associate enrolls, city specific taxes, etc.).

The other option is a Pass-Through pricing model where if any of the above costs are incurred, they are passed through to the customer.

Both include the following:
- All employer responsibilities
- New hire onboarding and employment contracts
- Time and expense tracking
- Payroll processing
- Employer payroll contributions
- Direct deposit
- Local, state, and federal tax withholdings, forms, reporting, and end of year W-2
- Workers' Compensation coverage
- Unemployment Insurance
- Statutory benefits (healthcare, vision, dental) and administration
- Local, state, and federal compliance (e.g. exempt status, wage and hours laws)
- Paid sick leave where applicable and mandated
- Offboarding and final payroll processing
- Employment verification
Month to Month Three Year Contract
Pass-Through Employer of Record
payroll markup*
payroll markup*
If incurred, the following items will be passed-through:
Background check fees
Health insurance contributions
Paid sick leave
Paid holidays or PTO
State / local tax (e.g. sales)
*8810 positions, 10+ associates, net 0
*8810 positions, 10+ associates, net 0
All-Inclusive Employer of Record
payroll markup*
payroll markup*
Markup includes fees and any employment costs.
*8810 positions, 10+ associates, net 0
*8810 positions, 10+ associates, net 0
Supplement your team's recruitment efforts

Sourcing Plus EoR

Let our position specific recruiters build a qualified talent pipeline for you and your hiring managers to review. If you choose to engage the candidates, they are easily payrolled with HQ Simple's employer of record service.
Under 25 Associates Over 25 Associates
Candidate Sourcing Plus EoR
payroll markup*
payroll markup*
Position specific recruiter(s)
Job board postings
Qualified candidates
ATS integrations
Employer of record
*8810 positions, net 0
*8810 positions, net 0
Mitigating your misclassification exposure and risk

Independent Contractor / 1099 Compliance

State and Federal Evaluations
/ candidate and project evaluation
Review project / assignment
Review 1099 candidate(s)
Compare against state and federal guidelines
Check similar scenarios and case law
Recommendation & audit file
Six month review for ongoing engagement
Eval. & Management / Payments
markup on invoices processed
State and federal evaluations
Management of contract payment
Milestone or KPI tracking
1099 invoice consolidation
Payment remittance to 1099s
End of year filings

HQ Simple EoR Compared to Other Providers

HQ Simple
Remote | Deel
Ent. Partners | Cast & Crew
Staffing Agencies
Effective markup rate comptab-infoalt7-icon
21% - 23%
21% - 22%
24% - 28%
Time to onboard new client and workers
Same day
4 + days
2 + days
3 + days
Owns employer liability
HQ Simple
Varies by partner
Shared with client
Staffing agency
Industry leading benefits
Provider funded bonuses for associates

All solutions include:

Dedicated Account Manager
Use "as needed" contracts
24/7 support
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